Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Raw Soup!

Todays soup was definitely a leap of faith. Ive contemplated making raw soups before, but.. I do not have a Vita mix, I do not have a Blendtec, I dont even have a food processor. No. My blender is a different sort.

Yes. That is what my beast of a blender looks like. (Its actually an older model than that one.) Suffice to say it does its job... but raw carrots? Turning those raw carrots into a smooth puree? Hmmm... I dont know.

But alas! It not only pureed those pesky little carrots, it made an amazing meal. I wont be underestimating my elderly blender again.

Carrot Garlic Cream Soup (RAW!)

3/4c. chopped carrots
1/2c.-2/3c. warm water
1/2c. baby spinach
1 tbsp. avocado
2 tbsp. cashew garlic creme**
1 tbsp. nutritional yeast
pinch each of salt, pepper, and chipotle powder

Blend the carrots and water first, then add the spinach and blend, and lastly add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

**Cashew Garlic Creme

1/4c. cashews, soaked
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp. nutritional yeast
salt and pepper
water to equal 1/2c.

Puree in blender until smooth.


Rachel said...

mmm i'm so going to have to make some of this recipes :) love you v! miss youu

Anonymous said...

this looks delicious! i just found ur blog! go vegans- ow ow!