Wednesday, October 20, 2010

London Co-op sells Daiya!

On the Daiya cheese facebook page, they announced that they were going to be selling in Canada beginning October 1st. Naturally, I had to find out where this would be happening. Their website brought up the name of a small store (withing walking distance of my apartment) called the London Co-op. Its a non-profit organization where you pay a weekly fee or volunteer to work off the fee to become a member and then you get to shop there.

They have what they call "trial shops" to test it out before you become a member and yesterday, with nothing else to do, I put on my walking shoes and headed down there. What did I have to lose right? I was getting low on my Daiya supply that I had picked up in the states anyways.

One word: AMAZING. Theres local produce, organic everything, specialty products, vegan foods, and so much more. All for good prices too! And of course they had my beloved Daiya cheese. I am more than excited to find this gem hidden right down the street.

In any matter, today, I figured I'd whip up a quick quesadilla using Daiya and some Ezekiel wraps I also grabbed at the co-op. I spread a thin layer of chipotle pepper puree on half of the wrap, topped it with some black beans, steamed broccoli, and a nice handful of cheddar Daiya. A couple minutes in the panini press and it was ready to be served with Tofutti Sour Supreme mixed with a bit more chipotle and some garlic powder. I would upload a picture but it tasted a lot better than it looked, so use your imaginations!

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