Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soup it is!

Root canal number two. Yesterday I came home just before dinner with half of my mouth (half of my face actually) completely frozen. Dont you love root canals?

In any matter, it is a good excuse for soup. And with the chilly weather yesterday, it was perfect.

A week or so back I made this recipe for oatmeal bread (turned muffins). Though I have yet to veganize the beef stew, I whipped up a double batch of Quick and Easy Potato Soup* from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I had a ton left over that I put in the freezer and with the inability to chew, I heated myself up a bowl. Before digging in, I added about 1/3c. broccoli (steamed) and pureed it with the soup in a blender. Then I topped it with some Daiya cheddar and DINNER! Perfect with my moms oatmeal bread (muffins) that I managed to eat alongside.

I also just wanted to make a shout out to Chocolate Covered Katie! Ive never won a giveaway before so Im crossing my fingers and hoping I win that coconut butter!

* I did make a few adjustments to the soup. First of all, I doubled the batch because lets be honest, I could eat four servings of this stuff in one sitting. Secondly, though doubling the recipe, I left the cashews at one tablespoon (I boiled them with the potatoes as well, to make them soft enough to blend) and the white pepper was left at 1/4 tsp. I didnt have rosemary on hand so I substituted it with some sage and tossed in some garlic powder as well.

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