Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan MOFO VI: Savoury Oats

Today, I stepped outside of the box. Despite already having had oatmeal for breakfast.. I ventured into a parallel universe and had savoury oats for dinner.

Its amazing how versatile this grain can be. Perfect with syrup, nut butters, dried fruits, cinnamon. But as Ive found out tonight, EQUALLY delicious with daiya, salt and pepper, and garlic, topped with veggies and a veggie burger.

I never thought Id see the day when I put (vegan) cheese in my oatmeal. Yet Im so glad I did!

LOOK OUT FOR: My grocery list! Coming in a few days by request.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

yayayay, i requested your grocery list, by the way ;)