Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SOY: Superfood? Or poison?

There is so much controversy over soy products. Is it a super food?? Will it give you cancer and kill you?? No one really seems to know.

Honestly... in my non-professional opinion as a tofu and soy milk lover, I see it just as I do any other food. It hasn't hurt and it hasn't particularly made my life any more spectacular either. I do although, believe in the saying "everything in moderation". And I'm pretty sure my soy product consumption is slightly over the 'moderate' limit.

Lunch today was my wrap from my prior post here, BUT with one minor adjustment. I did a tiny experiment and replaced the crumbled tofu with a third cup of chickpeas (mashed after measuring).

The wrap came out just as delicious, if not MORE delicious, than its tofu twin. Substitution success!

So.. whether you believe that soy is a miracle food or that it will cause suffering and possibly an unfortunate death, dont hesitate to try this soy free version of my tomato basil wrap. Its not worth passing by without a second glance- guaranteed.

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